Why Landcover

When you buy that little piece of Australia you deservedly have the right to feel proud, but also you have the responsibility known at law to be your ‘Duty of Care’ and to make sure no harm comes to other people or their property out of your ownership of this land.

Under Australian law this is known as ‘Common Law’ and is the same legal liability you have when you own a home, a car, boat, caravan or business.

Landcover offers you a specially designed low cost insurance policy which protects you against your legal liability to the public because of your ownership of land.

Why risk losing your hard earned assets or facing the expensive costs of being sued when for as little as $190.00 a year you can sleep easy knowing you have the security of having up to $20,000,000 insurance protection issued by CGU Insurance, one of Australia’s largest insurance companies.  

Definition of Vacant Land

Vacant Land means land not being used for any business (other than as property owner), profession, trade, manufacturing or rural activity or operation.

Such land to be with or without any of the following:
1. gates, fences, letter boxes, site identification pegs and signs.
2. plants, trees and shrubs.
3. landscaping, retaining walls, gutters, drains, paths, paving and driveways.
4. underground and above ground services including aprons, supply mains and meters.
5. Otherwise the land to be free of any structure or structures.